CoVest Services™ is an outcome of our interactions across the PE landscape, driving the development of a new business model, launched by the Performance Acceleration side of Union Partners.

An Innovative, High-Impact Approach To Consortia Sourcing:

Value offerings:

CoVest Sourcing Network™ provides portfolio companies with a means to benefit from the purchasing leverage created by aggregating spending on common goods and services across multiple companies. This is not a General Purchasing Organization (GPO) but rather a PE Firm-owned business, managed by Union Partners sourcing professionals, that operates at 50% of the costs of GPO's. Our experience has been that savings of 5% to 15% are available to member firms and achievable within 30 to 60 days.

CoVest Advisory Services™ supports member firms in addressing unique sourcing and procurement needs and also provides hands-on supply chain and G&A consulting support.

We structured CoVest so PE firms could create leverage across a portfolio of companies to enhance their performance improvement efforts. Our objective was also to establish a capability that is more PE-friendly, with less emphasis on pay for services and more on a partnership model, where each party enjoys benefits based on their efforts and contribution.


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