“Union Partners’ operational heritage
sets them apart —
they can rapidly assess transformation opportunities and, in partnership with mangement, help create superior returns for all shareholders involved.”


Critical components for unlocking value

We develop and implement strategies for top line during the transformation and beyond The principals have a demonstrated track record of helping global, complex organizations through rapid transformation to achieve sustained improvements in earnings and cash flows We are prepared to infuse capital to support the transformation

Partnership with incumbent management

In under-performance situations, relying exclusively on incumbent management teams to build value is a high-risk strategy; very few incumbent management teams can simultaneously build and transform organizations.

Union Partners combines the complementary skills of the incumbent management with the skills of its partners to drive sustained value growth on an accelerated basis... speed to results is critical.

The three-step Rapid Transformation Process

We evaluate each relationship to provide the optimum level of support and capital our investments need at each step of the process.

  • Industry knowledge and access
  • Due diligence and value creation identification
  • Management interviews
  • Cross-enterprise relationship development including customers and suppliers
  • Business case—entry to exit
  • Transformation planning
  • Actively lead operational and strategic transformation
  • Operational/
    management "hands-on" support, as needed
  • Recruiting executives/managers
  • Internal growth strategies
  • Acquisition strategies
  • Establishing strategic supplier/customer network
  • Strategic options
    for value capture
  • Plan to realize
    shareholder value
  • Negotiations
  • Transition support